Our Services


We partnered with the best products all over the world for material testing.

Calibration & Verification

Upon purchase of machine and equipment, we immediately do the verification and calibration to check the accuracy of the machines.

Repair & Maintenance

To prevent downtime of your machines and equipment, it is highly recommended to be maintained and conduct annual check-up. But, by chance issues are already existing, we are here to fix and make it operational again.

Acquiring machines and equipment is the first step to get your laboratory up and running, calibration and verification should be conducted immediately and after every year to check the parameter and accuracy of test results. Maintenance of these machines are also recommended to avoid downtime. But by chance issues already existed, we also have the expertise to repair, convert old analog machines into new digital and computerized ones. Hence, we have listed several services that we offer to help you maintain your equipment for both functionality and validation. 

Our calibration, repair and maintenance are the following: 

  1. Compression Machine 
  2. Universal Testing Machine 
  3. Batching Plant 
  4. Scales and Balances 
  5. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) 
  6. Marshall Stability
  7. Drying Ovens and Furnace 
  8. Water Bath / Oil Bath 
  9. Rebound Hammer 
  10. Speedy Moisture Tester 
  11. Thermometers 
  12. Vernier Caliper