Aggregates Brands

Ceramic Muffle Furnace

Standard: EN 196-2, EN 196-21, EN 459-2
Used to determine the loss on ignition of cement and lime; chloride, carbon dioxide, alkali content of cement.

Los Angeles Machine

Standard: ASTM C131, EN 12697-17, EN 12697-43, NF P18-573, AASHTO T96, CNR N. 34
Used to determine the resistance of aggregates to abrasion. It comprises a heavy steel cylinder of 711 mm inside diameter x 508 mm inside length, mounted on a base frame. The cylinder rotates at a speed of between 31 and 33 rpm.

Digital Point Load Tester

Standard: ASTM D5731, ISRM
Used to determine the strength values of a rock specimen both in the field and in the laboratory.

NL 1002X / 002
Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus

Standard: BS 812, NF P18-574
The apparatus is used to determine the aggregate impact value which provides a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to sudden shock or impact. The apparatus construct by strong rigid steel frame and mechanical blow counter.

NL 1015 X / 011
ECO-SMARTZ Multi Amplitude Triple Motion Sieves Shaker

Standard: EN 932-5, ISO 3310-1
Adjustable vibration level according to different needs to sieve wide range of materials. Reliable, long lasting and simple sturdy construction. Can hold up to 8 sieves.

NL 1003 X
Bulk Density Measurement

Steel constructed come with handles for capacity 1 litre and above. Used to determine the loose bulk density and void of aggregate.

Universal Drying Oven

Stainless Steel chamber for excellent corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Insulation and sealing structure with silicone packing enable excellent temp. uniformity. Natural convection of heated air w/o a separate fan. Temp. auto - tuning function available.