Micro-Computer Tensile Strength Tester

Gotech series tensile strength testers are widely applied to determining elongation, compression, flexing, tear, peeling, shear force, adhesive force, etc. of finished or semifinished products such as rubber, plastic, footwear, leathers, metal, wire, paqer, timber, etc.

Digital Type Bursting Strength Tester

GT-7013-MP bursting strength tester is used for testing the bursting strength of corrugated papers, synthetic leather, cloth and plastics. With convenient features, GT-7013-MP can automatically detect, grip and break a test specimen between the clamping platens. After a test is completed, the test result is shown on the digital display.

Servo Control Container Compression Tester

It is used for measuring the resistance of cartons, containers, etc to compression. It uses the dynamic pressure-holding technology to simulate the stacking test so as to know the resistance of pacing materials to compression during transporting and stacking. It employs the Load cell as the sensing device, and displays the resistance values directly via computer.