Concrete and Mortar Brands

Concrete Compression Machine 1500kN

Standard: ASTM C39, AASHTO T22, NF P18-411, BS 1610
Compression machine 1500 kN motorized with Autotec control unit, to test cubes up to 150 mm side and cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm.

Pavement Core Drilling Machine 12.5HP

This rugged, compact and por table machine with vertical screw feed, is used for pavement core sampling where it is not easy to get electrical power. Petrol engine 5 HP power, 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton model.

Concrete Flow Table

Standard: ASTM C124
Used to determine the flow of concrete. The apparatus consists of a flow table, stainless steel flow mould, tamping bar. Hand-operated by crack handle.

NL4000X / 032
Digimatic Compression Machine 2000kN

Standard: EN 12390-3/772-1/12390-5/12390-6 ASTM C39/C293, AASHTO T 22
Used to determine the compressive Strength of the Concrete.

NL 4021X / 002
Concrete Test Hammer

Standard: ASTM C805, BS 1881-202, DIN 1048, UNI 9198, pr EN12504-2
Used to determine the compressive strength of concrete. Fully aluminium casing, high quality internal mechanism, extra durability up to 50,000 test cycle and with additional soft silicone cap for comfortable usage.

Air Entrainment Meter (NL4023X / 002 & 003)

Standard: EN 12350-7 / DIN 1048, ASTM C231
Used to determining the air content in fresh concrete. An aluminium vassel connected to the measuring gauge showing directly the air content in percentage. Come with two types operation, manually & electrically operated.


S-350 is the most popular concrete capping products of Capstone Series. S-350 provides the best balance of working ability and strength performance for concrete capping.


S-560 represents the extremely high strength gypsum, which is exclusive in capping gypsum application. Many governments critical construction in Taiwan requested S-560 as the capping material. Such as the Taiwan High-Speed Rail, highway and bridge construction, etc. The extremely high strength gypsum S-560 is believed to be a trend in the near future.


S-630 is the newest product launched in 2012. The strength has reached 9000psi unbeatably. It shows the highest technique of capping gypsum at present all over the world and the R&D ability of TAIWAN CAPSTONE Lab. The holding time is slightly longer than any other products at 40 mins. It fits the highest strength concrete compressive test.

Core Bits for Drilling
Compression Testing Machine w/ Digital Display

Standard: EN 12390-3/772-1/12390-5/12390-6 ASTM C39/C293, AASHTO T 22
The testing machine is designed for testing the compressive strength of building materials such as brick, cement mortar and concrete; it is electro-hydraulically powered and the pressure applied on the specimen can be displayed directly; The maximum force value can be maintained and the data measured can be saved when the power is off; The test data can be processed automatically and the test report can be printed.