ASPHALT and Bitumen Brands

Centrifuge Extractor

Standard: ASTM D2172, AASHTO T164A, EN 12697-1
Used for the determination of bitumen percentage in bituminous mixtures. It consists of a removable, precision machined aluminium rotor bowl, placed into a cylindrical aluminium box.

B043 KIT
Digital Marshall Tester 50kN Capacity

STANDARDS: EN 12697-34, 12697-23, 12697-12 ASTM D6927, D5581, D1559 | AASHTO T245 BS 598:107 | NF P98-251-2
In this testing frame, the load is measured by an electric cell 50 kN capacity with high precision strain transducers; the flow is measured by an electronic displacement transducer 50 mm stroke and ± 0.1% linearity.

Ductilometer with Cooling System

STANDARDS: EN 13398, EN 13589 | ASTM D113, D6084 | AASHTO T51
Used to determine the bituminous ductility, that is the distance to which a briquette of molten bitumen can be extended under controlled conditions, before breaking. Equipped with incorporated refrigerating unit for tests with water temperature from + 5° to + 25°C.

NL 2010X / 007
Automatic Marshall Stability Compression Tester 50kN

Standard: ASTM D1559, D5581, AASHTO T245

NL 2001X / 005
Advance Digital Penetrometer

Standard: ASTM D5, EN1426, AASHTO T49 Determine the consistency of sample from the depth penetration thru penetration needle under standard load condition.

NL 2007X / 002
Vacuum Pycnometer 10 Litres

Standard: EN 12697-5, EN 13108, ASTM D2041, AASHTO T209 & T283
Used for determining the theoretical maximum specific gravity of uncompacted bituminous paving mixtures. It can also be used for the calculation of the percent air voids in compacted bituminous mixtures & the amount of bitumen absorbed by the aggregates.


High density ceramic coated stainless steel top plate for excellent chemical resistance. High class powder coated aluminium casting body for excellent hear and corrosion resistance. A heater that is durable and excellent in heat transfer is equipped.


Durable to use in many fields for general purpose. Seamless stainless-steel bath for excellent corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Heater cover is provided to protect the heater and sensor from unexpected damage. Temp. auto tuning function available